7 Best PowerPoint Alternatives to Create Awesome Presentations 


Are you looking for the best PowerPoint alternatives to create amazingly dazzling presentations?

Well, you’ve come to the right spot! We’ve jotted down a list of some fantastic platforms to create the best presentations. 

Microsoft PowerPoint has been the “it” for creating simple presentations for many years now. It is popular among people because of its classic and simple design. However, it’s not the only tool to create presentations anymore. There are a lot of best PowerPoint alternatives to using now. 

These alternatives are easy to use and encompass many variant features to create engaging, distinguished, and effective presentations. 

Thus, in this blog, we’ve reviewed the 7 best PowerPoint alternatives for you to pick from.

Features missing in Microsoft PowerPoint 

Some of the key features missing in Microsoft PowerPoint are:

  • The usage of keyboard features is limited. Some commands can’t be used.
  • It doesn’t have an auto-save part.
  • Real-time collaboration isn’t available.  
  • Some features are limited to the desktop version only.
  • Fonts, templates, and layouts are limited.
  • No animation slide triggers are known. 

Thus, many other platforms were created to fill this gap and inculcated many new features. 

7 Best PowerPoint Alternatives to Create Awesome Presentations

Here goes the list of the top 7 Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives

1. Google Slides

Google Slides

Google Slides is the best PowerPoint alternative with a variety of distinguishing features. You need a Google account, and you’re all set to use this platform without any hassle. Moreover, it also helps increase collaboration with your team by letting you chat, comment, and edit your work in real-time. 

The best part of Google Slides is the unique URL that allows your audience to ask you questions while you make your presentation. 

Thus, why rely on PowerPoint only when you got Google Slides at your rescue?

So, create a Google account and prepare the best slides!


  • Allows for easy sharing and real-time editing.
  • Helps you to seamlessly connect to your Google apps.
  • Provides a variety of themes, animations, fonts, and embedded videos. 
  • Choose from the wide range of pre-built templates.
  • Sync it in with all your devices and edit from anywhere.
  • The auto-save feature helps you automatically save all your data and retrieve it at any time. 
  • You can use the browser or the mobile app to create the presentation. 


  • Free basic version with limited features. It includes docs, sheets, forms, and slides content creation. 15 GB drive secure cloud storage per user, Gmail secure email, and Meet video and voice conferencing with up to 100 participants.
  • Business Standard-$12 per user per month. It includes all the free version features and some additional features like meetings recordings saved to drive, custom business email, etc. 

2. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Zoho has always been at the top of its game, whether in project management, CRM, or inventory control. And now, the Zoho Show is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives for creating extraordinary presentations. 

It is best suited for small businesses, mid-market enterprises, or NGOs. Thus, it is a great place for teams to collaborate, broadcast and publish in one place. So, connect with your team in real-time with the best alternative. 

Thus, it is the best app with an easy interface and quick customer service to assist you at each stage. So, design professional slides, deliver visually engaging presentations and collaborate with your team effectively while using Zoho Show Presentation. 


  • Supports both PPT and PPTX files, so you can open, edit and view PowerPoint slides online without installing separate software.
  • Intuitive UI design to help users adapt on the go.
  • In addition to the pre-built templates, you can also add infographics, path animations, and smart elements. 
  • Works on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Android Wear, Apple TV &Watch.
  • Publish the slides online and share the link across all social platforms.
  • Add strokes to the text, fill titles with solid colors, add reflections, etc. 
  • Easy formatting and editing of images.


  • Zoho Show is free of cost

3. Canva

Canva home

Canva is the best PowerPoint alternative to broaden your imagination and create high-quality, professional graphic design slides. 

It is not only user-friendly but also a perfect fit for every team and individual use. It encompasses a variety of features, including pre-built templates and its drag-n-drop design tool. Moreover, it has over 1 million photographs, graphics, and fonts for you to choose from.

Thus, whether it is presentations, logos, posters, marketing campaigns, or visual charts, Canva is your one-stop app to do it all. 

 So, why not get creative with Canva?


  • Choose the best-suited ones from thousands of templates, images, and quality content.
  • Collaborate and edit with your team in real-time and effectively manage your feedback, brand assets, and visual content. 
  • Create team folders to stay organized
  • Plan, create, schedule, and publish your social media posts directly.
  • No-coding knowledge is required for editing and designing.
  • It works on Web, Android, and iOS platforms well.
  • Make photo grids, add stickers, or even mood boards to lighten up your presentations.


  • Free – Best suited for individuals and small groups. It includes over 250,000 free templates, 100+ design types (presentations, social media posts, etc.), hundreds of free graphics and photos, collaboration in real-time, and 5GB of cloud storage. 
  • Pro – The cost is $119.99 per year for up to 5 people. Its features include all features of the Free plan. In addition to that, it also contains 100+ million premium stock photos, audios, videos, and graphics, over 610,000 free templates with daily new designs, 100GB of Cloud storage, and much more. 
  • Enterprise-The cost is $30 per month per user for up to 25 people. It includes everything Pro has; unlimited storage, controlling team uploads, single sign-on, and much more. 

4. Prezi


Prezi is another best PowerPoint alternative to prepare engaging, persuasive, and elegant presentations. It is simple to use the platform to prepare the best presentations for your business or individual use. 

It has helped hundreds of companies to reinvent art so far. The collaboration tool in Prezi allows teams to edit, comment and brainstorm together. Thus, whether you are a student or a business owner, Prezi caters to the needs of all in the most agile manner. 


  • Directly upload images from your devices
  • Choose from thousands of images to create the best slides.
  • Export images using different file-saving formats.
  • Save your design as ad sets by just duplicating it.
  • Choose the best font from thousands of font styles.
  • Voice over features and presenter-only view to help you have an outstanding experience.
  • Create a Prezi Brand kit including your company’s logo, fonts, and colors.
  • Choose from various templates to create the best presentations. 



  • The basic plan is free, including sharing and creating 5 projects only.
  • Plus- This plan starts at $12 per month for expert visual presenters. It includes creating unlimited projects, transferring existing PowerPoint slides, premium images, PDF export, offline access, video download, etc. 
  • Premium –This plan starts at $16 per month for business professionals. It includes all the features of Plus and powerful analytics, advanced online training, and much more. 


  • Plus – It starts at $12 per month for business individuals. It includes creating unlimited presentations, videos, design, importing existing PowerPoint slides, PDF export or offline access, etc. 
  • Premium – It starts at $16 per month for business professionals. It includes all the features of plus and in addition to powerful analytics, advanced online training, and much more. 
  • Teams – It is a customized plan. 

5. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful AI

Create the best AI-powered presentations with the best PowerPoint alternative. Beautiful.ai helps you create clean, modern, engaging and professionally designed slides for your business or personal use. 

It helps you automate your tasks and choose the best templates, fonts, and logos from many options. Thus, it is a great place to turn your ideas into visual presentations. 

Take the presentation to a new level with Beautiful.ai’s artificial intelligence capabilities. 


  • Pre-installed templates and animations to make great presentations. 
  • Easy to adapt, edit and reform with billions of colors and font options.
  • Connect and collaborate with your team in real-time. 
  • Automatic beautification and formatting once uploaded the content is. 
  • Easy to use with a UI approach.


  • Pro- It starts at $12 per month for individuals. It includes unlimited slides, version history, PowerPoint export, and viewer analytics. 
  • Team- It starts at $40 per user per month for teams. It includes all the features of Pro and a collaborative workspace, custom company theme, centralized slide library, and custom template library. 
  • Enterprise – It offers a custom plan. It includes all the team features and unlimited team resources, SAML SSO, audit events, dedicated onboarding, team training, priority support, etc. 

6. Apple Keynote

keynote by apple

Apple Keynote is one of the free and the best PowerPoint alternatives for all apple users. It helps you create stunning, memorable, and engaging slides. Moreover, it is also one of the top competitors of PowerPoint because of its various distinguished features. 

It lets you add the right amount of sparkle, collaborate with teams, edit photos, add charts, and also cinematic effects. 

Even though it is most effective with Apple devices, you can still use it with your Pc. Thus, create magical slides most easily with Apple Keynote now.


  • Voice-over narration and presenter only view along with notes and annotations.
  • Pre-build templates to make quick presentations.
  • Mobile apps are also available for Apple users to make real-time changes and formations.
  • Variety of charts and graphic options to choose from. 
  • It also includes animations, icons, and transitions. 
  • Auto-save feature to prevent file losses. 


  • It is free to use and already available on macOS. 

7. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

 It is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives and a great competitor of it. It is the best place to create the easiest presentations using your web, iPhone, or iPad. 

You can choose from various layouts, designs, and templates to create the most professional presentations. Moreover, it is best suited for almost all types of industries. So, as long as you have an idea, Haiku Deck helps you bring it to life with its amazing visual arts. 


  • Easy user interface.
  • Just tap “+” to create new slides, add images, themes, fonts, etc.
  • Select from pre-built templates, layouts, and themes.
  • Create private notes during presentations.
  • Easy to share on any media platform.


  • Pro- It costs $9.99 per month, billed annually for teaching, training, and conference presentations. Its features include unlimited deck creation, custom branding, downloading files for offline viewing or editing, privacy control for presenters, etc. 
  • Premium- It costs $29.99 per month for effective selling and engaging webinars. Its features include all the ones in Pro and in-depth analytics and training, presentation view notifications, live web playback, and priority technical support. 


Creating the best, eye-catching, and engaging presentation isn’t always easy, but these PowerPoint alternatives can help you do it 10x faster. Thus, choose the one that best suits the needs of your business and create the best presentations. 

If you know of any other Software, let us know in the comments section. 

We wish you the best of luck!

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