10 Best Training Video Software in 2023


In the modern world of digitization, plenty of people are switching towards reliable video editor software and other animators to create and edit better videos, as per their own choices and preferences – without much hassle.

You can conveniently add effects, and filters, trim the video, rotate, crop, and even do a voiceover all by the software.

A famous saying often goes like this, video grasps the viewer’s mind more than a photo or text, training videos can give the audience a detailed guide about the task and how to execute it in a proper manner along with the result you could expect.

There are plenty of video software available in the market, however, just some of them have the features and right skills that make them ideal for beginners. Let’s take a look at the 10 best training video software in 2023 that you can totally rely upon!

1. Camtasia



Starting from US $249.99/user

Camtasia is one of the top tools that just like iSpring, allows for easily capturing any area of your screen and including webcam input.

You can also record the audio clips to get the right audio for your video, and made a ready-made track from Camtasia’s library of royalty-free music and sound effects too.  

It helps you record, edit, and even screen record the screen display that you can upload on your website, make a part of your software, use as a tutorial, narration, or even in PowerPoint presentations.

This software lets you import media files to ease your creation process and export your video in all popular formats.

Key Features

  • Cut, trim, resize, and rotate options
  • Picture-in-picture video recording
  • Drag-and-drop controls
  • Avatar builder and premade interactive scenarios
  • Special effects and filters
  • Ready-to-use templates and elements

2. Powtoon



  • Basic: Free to use
  • Paid starts from US $19/month.

Powtoon is ideal for giving a professional hint to your ordinary training videos. It can level up the recording game as well by offering a high-quality animation builder and video editor where you have all the ground to present your concept.

You can edit videos and enhance the display by using filters and effects. Powtoon gives you the freedom of saving your final video either to your gallery or sharing it directly on social platforms.

Key Features

  • Video template collection that suits every purpose
  • Video customization features offering props, characters, etc
  • Create whiteboard animated videos for training
  • Photoshop-integrated software easily edit PSD files

3. Animaker



  •  Basic: Free to use
  •  Paid starts from US $10/month

Animaker is the priority for most animators to give a cartoonish spin to your training videos. It is a feature-packed editing software offering many different tools to get you started.

You can easily create multiple animated videos by selecting from a variety of ready-made characters, also specify their movement and facial expression as well.

You can create custom animation, record real-time moments, or even combine external media to form a single video quite easily with this tool.

Animaker is known to be beginner friendly tool for people who don’t have any prior knowledge about video editors. There is an option for infographics, 2.5D, handcraft, whiteboard animations and a lot more.

Key Features

  • Video recording and editing options
  • Customization with video templates and assets
  • Dubbing and voiceover from more than 25 different languages
  • Drag and drop actions and control
  • Multiple video animation styles
  • No payment or credit card details needed for trial
  • More than 200 unique voices and sound effects

4. Panopto


  • Starting from US $14.99/month

Panopto is another promising video platform that is enriched with all the necessary features for recording, training, and presenting on several platforms. The software helps you to easily record in multiple ways from screen capture, live streaming, and webcam recording.

Panopto enables you to trim or cut unnecessary points from your video, split it into smaller parts, and import additional media while even embedding quizzes and polls with it.

You can easily integrate the software or host it to share on different types of websites whether you’re featuring a learning management software or a content management system.

Key Features

  • Live streaming options for up to 10k viewers to share directly with students
  • Viewer engagement analytics
  • Creating and optimizing playlist

5. CamStudio


Pricing: Free

CamStudio is popular for offering an online interface that allows you to record videos for creating top-notch streaming flash videos as well as AVIs. You can use these videos for multiple purposes from tutorials to promotional content, from demos to guides, and much more.

With CamStudio, you can add captions on each scene of your video, overlay for better optimization, video annotations, custom cursor for lectures, and can generate smaller video files for easy access.

Key Features

  • Easily operable with in-app tutorials for beginners
  • Picture-in-picture display while recording
  • Simple interface with straightforward tools
  • Audio and sound effect accessibility

6. VSDC Video Editor


Pricing: Free

VSDC is truly a game changer, as it is a free video editing tool that offers multiple power options, you can conveniently correct colours, transform objects, add transition effects and Instagram-like filters, stabilize the recordings and much more.

It features a variety of powerful tools that can easily transform objects into personalized animations, correct colours, stabilize your existing videos, and even add glitz and glam to them.

With VSDC, you can not only share your videos directly to different social media platforms but also to multiple devices in your desired format.

Key Features

  • Enabling almost every video and audio format even supports codecs
  • Don’t need high-end PCs, operable on low system requirements
  • Green screen tool changing backgrounds
  • A vast collection of effects, transitions and filters
  • Integration with Zoom, charts, colour correction, etc.
  • Easily exporting options

7. EdApp


Pricing: Free

EdApp is a one-stop solution for your training video software search that works on your accessibility and is operable on every operating system.

From recording training videos to combining multiple snippets, it offers an intuitive platform with a wide range of tools for adding your videos for lectures.

There are many configuration options within the app including autoplay, skip button, play on demand, and auto progress to showcase your library.

EdApp lets you insert media from external sources as well as export videos in different formats quite easily.

It also helps its user to execute tasks timely, so whether you want to make an urgent presentation to please your clients or to deliver an instant invitation, it can be done within seconds.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop control actions
  • Premade video templates with animated and graphic assets
  • Video conferencing feature with the integration of Zoom
  • Multi-usability for both mobile and desktop

8. Vyond



  • Starting from US $299 annually per seat

Vyond stands as a reliable training video software that is known for being the classic software for recording, animating, and editing your videos.

You can easily design attractive and minimalistic videos as its super user-friendly. Whether you want to create a personalized animation or glam up your videos, it provides you with all the efficient characteristics.

Vyond assists in animation building to grasp the attention span of your audience by adding realism to your videos that can get you far and beyond with your training. It’s one of the best options for video software without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Automatic character syncing features
  • Create cartoons and videos on any topic with ready-to-use templates

9. Skillshare



  • Starts at US $139/user annually

If you are in search of strictly academic-based training video software then Skillshare has got you covered as it lets you record your lectures and upload them on class learning tools for students to access.

The software has its own library which can be categorized based on saved lectures so you don’t need any other platform to share your videos. You can record, edit, and broadcast every type of video.

With Skillshare, there are many different learning opportunities, helping you get ahead with your video editing, broadcasting, and animating skills for your students.

It is the best option for instructors and trainers offering creative ways to keep your pupils engaged with the subject.

Key Features

  • Educational tool entirely based on class lecture uploading
  • Automatic saving in the video library
  • Offline video download
  • Video optimization options for publishing

10. Hippo Video


Pricing: Starting from US $15/month

Hippo Video is specifically designed for businesses and corporations for enhancing their sales and advertising skills to estimate progress.

It helps you perform all the video editing tools from capturing videos and screen recording display, edit, trim, resize, and even add transitions and effects to your videos.

Hippo Video offers a flexible channel along with a Zoom meeting service that can get their users many different background options that can make the video more pleasing by changing backgrounds, giving the video a corporate or professional environment, regardless of wherever you are at the moment.

You can always glam up your training videos with overlay text, audio, photos, and GIFs. The purpose of Hippo Videos is to offer blended learning opportunities for students where they can even showcase their presentations and academic understanding.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Screen recording options
  • Direct video sharing on multiple platforms
  • Saving playlist on built-in learning portal

Summing up

If you’re new to creating training videos or switching your teaching dynamics towards digital mediums then all the above-mentioned software can be ideal to get your task done quickly and efficiently.

Each of these software has their own perk, some have more features than others while being on the more expensive side than the other, you have to choose the one that suits your devices, and your budget, and is also easy to understand.

So, whether you want to record your training video or edit your existing video for more polishing, you can easily get it done within minutes.

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