Top 12 Android Cooking And Recipe Apps To Use In 2023


Cooking is as inevitable as eating. You got to cook to eat. But just because we have to, does not mean we like it. Cooking is a fun experience for some of us, but others just find it impossible to sort through the options they have and pick and choose the right recipe.

Cooking is a boring experience for most of us especially when we have to read through a recipe book, checkmark the ingredients checklist one by one, make sure that the amount is just right, and cook following the step-by-step instructions.

It is also difficult to Google every recipe or watches YouTube videos. Besides having a very short attention span, we all want simplicity and ease, don’t we?

Thankfully, the world has technologically advanced and the light of those advancements has shone on our kitchens as well. Not only in terms of kitchen gadgets, we now have apps for recipes and cooking.

We can now rely on these digital sources to get the best recipes and the ideal methods to make the most delicious dishes.

What is the best cooking app? There are tons of cookery apps in the market and choosing the best one amongst them is a task in itself. To make it easier for you to sift out the best one, we have compiled a list of the best cooking apps.

The list includes the top 12 best cooking apps along with their key features and pricing. Read on…

List Of The 12 Best Cooking And Recipe Apps

The top 12 best cooking apps include the following:

  1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
  2. Kitchen Stories
  3. Cookpad
  4. Paprika Recipe Manager
  5. Tasty
  6. Yummly
  7. SideChef
  8. BigOven
  9. Oh She Glows
  10. Forks Over Knives
  11. Cheftap
  12. Cookmate

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is one of the oldest cookery recipes and has a community of over 50 million users. With this app, you have the access to 50,000+ recipes along with photos, videos, collections, ratings, and reviews.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step cooking videos
  • You can swipe unwanted recipes and the app will remember your preferences for the future
  • The spinner tool gives you random ideas for dishes to make
  • Recipes are categorized into various sections for your ease
  • Members can rate recipes and share photos of how it turned out for them
  • Shows you ingredients on sale near you
  • Recommends cheapest recipes for any given day
  • Lets you create shopping lists
  • You can save the recipes you like
  • You can also filter your results by cooking time, diet, or food you don’t like.


You can download the app on your android for free.

2. Kitchen Stories

kitchen stories

Kitchen Stories is one of the best apps for cooking food. It offers a bunch of unique features that make it stand out from the rest. It not only provides recipes but also offers a wide range of HD videos, step-by-step photos, and cooking tips and tricks.

This app is a treat for the eyes but beware it will leave you hungry.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step graphic instructions
  • Rich browsing options
  • Every week new videos and recipes are added
  • Auto-generates cooking lists
  • Allows you to convert measurements
  • You can bookmark your favorite recipes for quick and easy access
  • You can easily share recipes with your family and friends


This app is available for free.

3. Cookpad


Cookpad is a 2-in-1 app where you can not only hone your cooking skills but can also share your experience with the Cookpad community. one of the best features of the app is that it lets you set a recipe on private and also allows you to save others’ recipes.

Key Features:

  • Social cooking app with features that allow you to share your recipes with others
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Unique recipes passed down from generations
  • Users can comment on recipes to suggest substitutes, side dishes, etc.
  • Recipes are categorized into different groupings
  • The latest update in the app allows you to access the recipes in your Cookplan offline


Cookpad can be downloaded for free on your Android and iOS.

4. Paprika Recipe Manager


Paprika recipe manager is number 4 on our list of the best cooking apps. The app has a friendly user interface making it easy for you to navigate your way through the app.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to save recipes from different webpages found on the internet
  • You can add your own recipes
  • Lets you add ingredients from different recipes to your shopping list
  • Can scale ingredients for large and small servings
  • Helps plan meals
  • Set cook timers
  • Cross off ingredients as they are used


Paprika Recipe Manager can be downloaded from the app store for $5.

5. Tasty

Tasty food app

No matter if you love cooking or not, all of us have come across Tasty’s enticing, mouthwatering videos. Tasty has a strong Facebook community with over 105 million followers. The recipes are not only informative but are also entertaining to watch.

Key Features:

  • Provides step-by-step instructions
  • Customize filters for your ease
  • Sends personalized recommendations for your next meal
  • Allows you to directly schedule deliveries via Walmart
  • Allows you to swap ingredient brands
  • Allows you to adjust the serving size
  • You can purchase pantry items


The Tasty app is available for free.

6. Yummly


Yummly is the search engine of the cooking world. You can use this app to browse recipes from a variety of different websites. You can also filter results to match your preferences. This app has recently emerged on the scene bit has quickly climbed the stairs to become one of the best apps for cooking food.

Key Features:

  • Offers personalized recommendations keeping in view your preferences
  • Allows you to create diets using various recipes
  • You can tailor filters to narrow down your search results
  • You can save recipes you like
  • You can also buy cooking essentials from the in-app store
  • Allows you to categorize your recipe collections


Yummly is available on the play store free of cost.

7. SideChef


SideChef is another one of the Best Cooking Apps available in the market. With this app, you can not only get access to more than 11,000 recipes but can also follow your favorite food bloggers and chefs. The main aim of this app is to polish the skills of new chefs and inspire them to try more exciting delicious recipes.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step instructions with photos, videos, timers, etc.
  • Allows you to adjust the serving size of recipes
  • You can also place an order for ingredients to be delivered to your doorstep
  • You can also share your recipes with the SideChef community
  • Recipe recommendation considers allergies, food tolerance, etc.
  • Easy and efficient meal planning


You can get the SideChef app for free.

8. BigOven


BigOven is another big name in the world of cooking and recipe apps. BigOven has a wide range of recipes with numbers reaching over 350,000. It allows its users to socially interact with each other, share recipes, and exchange feedback.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to add snapshots of your recipes
  • You can share your recipes with your friends and family
  • You can create a grocery list based on the recipes you want to make
  • You can also receive recipe recommendations by adding three ingredients you have in your kitchen
  • Step-by-step instructions for recipes


BigOven can be downloaded free of cost.

9. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is number 10 on our list of best cooking apps.  This app is specifically designed for people looking for sustainable alternatives. You can browse over 250 recipes based on vegan ingredients.

Key Features:

  • 140 Healthy plant-based recipes
  • 120 gluten-free recipes
  • Full-screen, high-resolution pictures accompany each recipe
  • Detailed cooking instructions
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Helps you track grocery items through the in-app shopping list
  • Simple and easy user interface


You can download this app on your Android for $2 only.

10. Forks Over Knives


Forks Over Knives is our last pick for this list. On Forks Over Knives, you can get access to 200+ delicious and healthy recipes. This app is ideal for vegan life.

Key Features:

  • Attractive imagery
  • In-app shopping list
  • Whole-food, plant-based recipes
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions
  • Track the grocery items required for your favorite recipes


You can download this cooking app for $5 only.

Bonus Apps:

11. ChefTap


Another up-and-coming application that is going to be one of the greats in the cooking and recipe app genre is ChefTap. The application has one of the best clipper tools that allows you to snip and save the piece of information that you need easily and effectively.

The application also lets you share a webpage with the interface and automatically parses the recipe for you without you doing anything.

Furthermore, it includes many different recipes that can help you create the best dishes that you possibly can. The app also has an incredible interface with support for third-party sites like Pinterest.

Another great thing about this application is that you can even use it while you are off the grid having a barbeque on a camping trip or something.


There is a free version that lets you save up to 100 recipes, but if you want more recipes and a barrage of premium features then you will have to pay $19.99/year.

12. Cookmate Recipe Manager


Another incredible cooking and recipe app that can help you up your cooking game is Cookmate Recipe Manager. The application puts more focus on bookmarks than anything else.

The application was built to make your own database of delicious food recipes for quick recall, and it does that perfectly.

Using the application, you can search for a lot of amazing recipes of delicious foods from all over the world. You can even add your recipes and share them with the world. Also, you can even borrow recipes from websites by inputting the entire URL of the recipe into the application.

You can even change or alter the recipes, add different comments and photos to them, if necessary.


There is a free version of Cookmate Recipe Manager but if you want the premium features, you have to pay $20/year.


There are tons of cooking and recipe apps, the above-listed apps are the best ones amongst them. With the help of these apps, you can not only get the latest recipes, but can also create and share your own recipes, plan your meals, and upgrade your shopping list.

So next time you get confused about what is the best cooking app, you can refer to this list to make the right choice.

If you think we have missed an app or would like to recommend an app, you can let us know in the comments below or through email:

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