How to choose your work management platform?


The working environment can be stressful and draining. Several tools are being applied in day-to-day activities to ease the burdens. Here is a breakdown of how to choose your work management tool.

Work management is one of the most important parts of any organization or project. Doing this gives the workload and workforce balance.

Work management is the process that involves the management, planning, and supervision of labor, time, and resources to improve efficiency.

Work management is often used synonymously with project management. However, there is a slight difference which is majorly in terms of the workload. Project management is usually more specific to a field, task, or action. Whereas work management is general and wider in scope.

Specifically, work management comprises the supervision of a team, the individuals in the team, and the proper execution of duties. From this definition, understanding work management platforms will not be difficult.

What are work management platforms?


Work management platforms are software that makes it easy to monitor or supervise work activities while increasing work output/efficiency.

These are platforms with the capacity to help you prioritize, categorize, plan, and manage resources or workload effectively. They are of several types and purposes, some serve as reminders of deadlines, some help to show the next goals, etc.

In the same way, these platforms have different purposes, they also exhibit different compatibility. Some are usable on mobile platforms like iOS, and Android, while some are restricted to Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.

Functions of Work Management Platforms


Platforms or software that are used for work management have functions that can be classified into two categories:

  • Scheduling purposes, and
  • Informative purposes.

How to choose your work management platform?

Choosing the right work management platform for you is not a difficult decision once you know what you want.

You should know that the purpose of these platforms is to make your work more efficient. Therefore, not all these platforms will be useful at the same time. Usually, you will need to select a few that will assist in your daily projects.

Here are a few considerations for how to choose your work management platform:

Size of the Workforce: The number of employees in organizations varies widely from large enterprises to small startups. Therefore, when monitoring the activity within the organization, a platform that can handle the population of the organization’s workforce.

For example, if WhatsApp as a social platform is being utilized for communication in an organization. Creating a group for easy information transmission means you will have to adapt to the group limits.

Scalability: Long-term thinking is always important when choosing the right work management platform. So, one of the considerations on how to choose your work management platform is scalability. Will this platform still be relevant to my work in a few years?

Some startups ignore this factor and end up losing employees’ information when they switch platforms.

Work Challenges: The right platform can transform the organization’s challenges into opportunities. If the organization is facing the challenge of low output, then finding a platform that maximizes time could be useful.

User Friendliness: Another important determiner of the right platform for your work management is user-friendliness. Some platforms have interfaces that are not easy to interact with. This can limit productivity amongst employees who find working with the tools difficult.

Therefore, a platform that is easy to handle is a good consideration when making a choice. Do not make the mistake of substituting user-friendliness for capability. You need a platform that suits your goal and need not only one that is easy to access.

Cost: This is an important consideration to the economy of the organization. If you are choosing a platform that will allow you to easily manage tasks and resources, consider your budget.

To avoid expensive membership is why most platforms offer enterprise plans that make it easy for you. Hence, pick a plan that will not affect the productivity of your work while considering the importance of resource management.

Why do you need work management platforms?

Time management: These time management platforms make it easy to monitor your progress over time and help to increase your speed while meeting deadlines. Having a work management platform makes it easy to set time frames for specific goals and projects.

Manage Deadlines: Aside from the time management advantage, having a reliable platform for work management makes it easy to avoid distractions. By specifying the next target and goal of the organization business deadlines are easily managed.

Organize tasks: This is likely why you are trying to find how to choose your work management platform. Organizing and arranging tasks based on importance or department is important in work management.

When supervising a project, knowing the progress is important and these platforms give you the desired control.

Teamwork: Teamwork is an important part of a successful organization as different people are involved. These platforms enable departments within an enterprise to work together without delay. Gone are those times when a memo is required to communicate the progress of a project.

Also, team spirit is improved among the employees as they realize more that they have similar goals. This makes everyone realize the importance of other team members.

Progress Tracking: Whether you are the business owner or project manager, you can track the progress of your work. This not only makes it easy to access progress but also makes suggestions when needed.

Workflow Visualization: Some tools visualize the next goal and the plan to achieve them making them easier. When the planned project or work is properly visualized, it is easy for the concerned party to execute them.

Also, the amount of work completed and what amount of time is used can be observed and noted for future evaluation.


It is important to keep up with your team on any project or task. Your workplace can be more productive if everyone is brought on board. You can check out the 7 best productivity tools in 2023 as well to find other useful tools.

Above are the considerations for how to choose your work management platforms. We have outlined the factors that you should consider when choosing a work management platform

Conclusively, do not forget that this platform is important either to relate a piece of information to your team or check and manage your workflow.

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