16 Microsoft Project Alternatives to Get Things Done 


Microsoft Projects has been a powerful project management software for a long time now. However, there are various Microsoft Project Alternatives now with some unique features at an affordable price. 

Thus, in this article, we’ve reviewed the 16 best Microsoft Project alternatives for you to pick from. 

Key Features missing in Microsoft Project

Even though it is a great platform, some of the critical features missing from it are:

  • It has limited third-party integrations.
  • It has compatibility issues.
  • Real-time updates are unavailable.
  • Designed for a team with waterfall methodology, so it’s hard to manage agile teams with it.
  • It doesn’t offer a mobile app. 

16 Microsoft Project Alternatives to Get Things Done 

Here goes the list of the 16 best Microsoft Projects alternatives!

1. monday.com

monday project board

Formerly known as ‘Da Pulse,’ Monday’s been on our radar for a very long time. monday.com is our #1 recommendation for Microsoft Project alternatives.

In a nutshell, we’d say that it’s a state-of-the-art collaboration, resource management, and project management software to date. Since its release, the tool has undergone several updates, taking active user feedback into account and incorporating it in future updates. The practice yields a better user experience.

Besides a drool-worthy user interface, monday.com shines most when it comes to working without limits – and that too, either solo or with tons of team members all over the world. The program manages to easily execute planning, create tasks and collaborate with assignees to get things moving.

To that end, Monday attributes its success to various key features. Take a look below:

Key Features

  • Integrate your entire workflow into one virtual workplace, whether in doc format or task deliverables. The best thing about doc integration, or task management, is that it can be separated across different workplaces to relevant assignees so that simultaneous processes are running and one task doesn’t coincide with other processes in the stream.
  • Speaking of integration, you can integrate other tools on Monday through a hassle-free integration process. Switching over to 3rd party add-ons or other tasks across different windows and tabs seems like a thing of the past with monday.com.
  • Our favorite part is the sense of automation that this tool comes with. For instance, team members can schedule messages meant to be sent to fellow users on a specific date/ time.
  • Set up multiple dashboards from project to project, or overlook everything in one dashboard; the choice is yours! Each dashboard can monitor timelines, budgets, project progress, task priorities, and vice versa.
  • Monday borrows a Trello like user-experience with the help of in-built Kanban boards. Those who like to prioritize, deprioritize and execute tasks through a visual drag n’ drop system can try the Kanban feature.


  • Individual Plan – Starts at $0 alongside free forever access and support for 2 users
  • Basic Plan – Starts at $8 per user/ per month and offers unlimited free viewers, unlimited boards, tons of templates, and vice versa
  • Standard Plan – Starting at $10 per user/ per month, this plan is perfect for mid to large-sized teams. Use Timeline & Gantt views for seamless task management, access calendars, and everything mentioned in previous plans.
  • Pro Plan & Enterprise solution is aimed at large-scale teams and MNCs.

Check out our review of monday.com – a complete work management app.

2. Wrike

Productivity Land, wrike screenshot

Wrike is the first one on the best Microsoft Project Alternatives list since it is one of the best planning and management software. It tailors the needs of its customers to provide customized solutions. 

Moreover, the fantastic features available in Wrike would transform the way your team works and ensure cross-departmental collaboration and powerful automation. Thus, complete your projects much more effectively by getting real-time updates and foreseeing potential roadblocks with Wrike. 

It is trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide to provide end-to-end solutions and ensure the potential execution of the projects. 


  • It provides customized dashboards, workflows and request forms, etc., to effectively cater to all customers’ needs.
  • Provides 360-degree visibility to eliminate silos and make real-time decisions. 
  • Instant sharing of files, folders, and reports to ensure smooth collaboration. 
  • It also provides visual proofing and automated approval systems.
  • Interactive Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards to provide effective visualization. 
  • Time tracking and advanced analytics to gain real-time insights. 


  • Free-The free plan provides you with centralized task or project management with up to 5 people only. 
  • Professional-The cost of the Professional plan is $9.80 per user per month. It is best for project planning and collaboration with up to 15 users. 
  • Business- The cost is $24.80 per user per month for 200 users. It is a customized plan for any team or use case. 
  • Enterprise-Prices of this plan can be discussed. It provides unlimited features with unlimited users. 

3. ClickUp

clickup alternative, clickup alternatives 2021, clickup vs ntask vs asana

ClickUp is a great project management software and one of the best Microsoft Project Alternatives. It provides solutions to help you simplify your work and get more done in less time. 

Moreover, it helps you plan, organize and collaborate with your team to execute successful projects. Thus, it is your one app to replace them all and handle all your project-related tasks smoothly. 

So, join over 800,000 teams to successfully manage and organize all your daily tasks. 


  • Organize your teams and tasks by breaking them into workspaces and folders, lists, or spaces. 
  • Customize your tasks and save time by automating them or assigning sprint points and custom field data.
  • Simplify complex projects by creating subtasks and checklists.
  • Choose from the list of templates to save time and get more done.
  • It provides 1000+ integrations to help you create a smooth workflow.
  • Track, estimate, and report your team and projects.
  • Provides real-time editing and collaboration. 


  • Free Forever- This plan is best for personal use with 100MB storage and unlimited tasks.
  • Unlimited- It costs $5 per user per month and is best for small teams. Its features include unlimited storage, integrations, Gantt Charts, dashboards, etc. 
  • Business- It costs $12 per user per month and is best for mid-sized teams. Its features include all the ones in Unlimited plan and advanced automation, advanced public sharing, timeline & mind maps, custom exporting, and much more. 
  • Business Plus costs $19 per user per month, and it is most suitable for multiple teams. It includes everything a business has, team sharing, custom role creation, custom permissions, etc. 
  • Enterprise- This plan offers customized and is best for large teams.

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4. Jira

scrum, scrum 2020, scrum methodology, scrum methodologies latest, scrum software apps

Jira is another project management software and one of the best Microsoft alternatives. It helps to manage, organize, delegate, and prioritize tasks. It also enables you to stay on track and manage your deadlines effectively.

Moreover, it has led over 200,000 companies to empower innovation and resolve complex projects with agility. Therefore, you can also become a part of the Jira family and complete projects successfully.


  • Extensive customization options to cater to the needs of different industries.
  • Plan and track your projects effectively.
  • Make use of both Kanban and Scrum approaches to execute projects.
  • 360-degree view of all your projects.
  • Effective reports and insights to ensure your team is always up to date.
  • 3000+ apps and integrations.
  • Drag and drop automation to save time.
  • Create effective roadmaps and set dependencies. 


  • Free- It is suitable for small teams of up to 10 users. It includes Scrum, Kanban boards, backlog, agile reporting, customizable workflows, etc. 
  • Standard- It costs $7.50, and it is suitable for growing teams of up to 20,000 users. It includes all the features of the free version and project roles and advanced permissions. 
  • Premium- It costs $14.50 per user for organizations that need to scale how they collaborate. It includes all the features of the Standard plan along with advanced roadmaps, dependency management, admin insights, sandbox, and much more.
  •  Enterprise- It is a customized plan for large teams. 

5. Britix24

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Britix24 is another great Microsoft Project Alternative to managing and communicating in large businesses. It is an easy-to-use and central hub to manage all your project management-related activities.

Moreover, over 10,000,000 organizations have chosen Britix24 to collaborate, integrate and automate with their teams. You can use it as a web-based as well as a mobile application. 


  • HD video calls and conferences for up to 48 participants and record your calls. 
  • Effective work time tracking.
  • Private and group chats to discuss and share ideas. 
  • Use templates and automate tasks to save time.
  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards for effective visualization.
  • Create task dependencies.
  • KPI and task efficiency.
  • Pre-optimized and SEO-friendly websites.


  • Free- It has unlimited users with features including 5GB memory, chat HD Video calls, calendar, company workspace, tasks and projects, CRM, drive, etc. 
  • Basic- It costs $49 per month for up to 5 users. It includes 24GB of memory and all the free plan features, customer support, and an online store. 
  • Standard- It costs $99 per month for up to 50 users. Its main features include everything in the Basic plan as well as marketing, online documents, and administration. It has 100GB of memory. 
  • Professional- It costs $199 per month for unlimited users. It has 1024GB of storage. The additional features included in this plan are sales intelligence, business process automation, and HR. 

6. Asana

asana dashboard layout

Asana is one of the best Microsoft Project Alternatives to handle agile teams and complex projects. It helps in the effective breakdown of work into manageable tasks and subtasks. 

Moreover, it helps your teams stay organized and connected in one shared place. Thus, it elevates real-time collaboration and allows teams to get more done by streamlining their workflows.

So, join companies like Amazon, Google, Spotify, or Zappos that use Asana to handle their teams and do extraordinary things.


  • List view feature to organize, assign and prioritize your tasks and subtasks.
  • Create effective timelines to manage and schedule tasks.
  • Use boards like the Kanban board to overview what’s being done.
  • Automate routine tasks to avoid repetition and save time.
  • Use 200+ integrations to manage it all in one place.


  • Basic- It is a free program for individuals and small teams. Its features include unlimited tasks, projects, messages, activity logs, etc.
  • Premium- It costs $10.99 per user per month. Its features include timelines, workflow builder, unlimited dashboard, advanced search, custom fields, forms, rules, etc. 
  • Business- It costs $24.99 per user per month. It includes everything the Premium plan has, portfolios, goals, workload, custom rule builder, approvals, proofing, etc. 

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7. Basecamp

Productivity Land, Basecamp-best project management software

Basecamp is a Microsoft Project Alternative that serves as an all-in-one toolkit for working remotely. With Basecamp, you can organize all your projects in one place and manage your teams better.

Thus, it is a great platform to help teams set clear goals and objectives and reach a new level of productivity. So, know exactly what you’re working on and what needs to be done with Basecamp.

Join over 16 million people worldwide who use Basecamp to handle their daily tasks. 


  • Message boards to post ideas, announcements, progress updates, feedback, etc. 
  • To-do lists of work that needs to be done and assigned tasks. 
  • Schedule essential dates and events and share them with the whole team.
  • Share docs, files, images, and reports with the whole team.
  • Group chats to increase collaboration.
  • Automatic check-ins by creating a list of recurring questions. 


  • Personal – This plan is best for personal projects, freelancers, students, or families. It is free and offers limited features, including 3 projects, 20 users, and 1GB of storage space. 
  • Business – This plan costs $99 per month. The features included are unlimited projects, users, clients, 500GB storage space, team projects, company HQ, project templates, priority support, etc. 

8. Airtable

best free collaboration tools for online users

Airtable is the last one on our list of Microsoft Project Alternatives. It provides effective solutions for teams to unlock their full potential and work forward faster. 

Moreover, it unites the whole team in one ample space to accelerate teamwork and coordination. Thus, join over 250,000 companies that use Airtable to transform how their businesses work and manage all aspects of their business. 


  • Build-in templates to speed up your workflow.
  • Custom interfaces to give each person the information they need.
  • Sync all your data in one place.
  • Deep integration, expert support, and advanced extensibility transform how a team works.


  • Free- It includes Unlimited bases, up to 5 creators or editors, Unlimited commenter & read-only users, 1 app per base, 1 sync integration, 1,200 records per base, and 2GB of attachments per base.
  • Plus – It costs $10 per seat per month. It includes everything the Free plan has; in addition to that, it also features 3 apps per base, 3 sync integrations,5,000 records per base, 5GB of attachments per base, custom branded forms, 6-month revision & snapshot history, and Automatic table syncing
  • Pro-It costs $20 per seat per month. It includes everything Plus has, along with 10 apps per base,7 sync integrations including Jira Cloud, 50,000 records per base, 20GB of attachments per base, Gantt & Timeline Views, 1-year revision & snapshot history, Personal & locked views, and Field & table editing permissions
  • Enterprise- It is a customized plan for large teams.

9. ProofHub


ProofHub is a fully-featured- featured project management tool. This Microsoft Project alternative centralized everything from your team members to clients to projects. ProofHub lets you create tasks, assign them to team members, and track project progress.

 Using its excellent marking tools, you can quickly and easily analyze and share comments. The tool is easy to use, providing an edge against the more complex MS Project.

These tools help you remain on top of your tasks while also allowing you to communicate effectively with your teammates and coworkers. It is also accessible as a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Key Features

  • Assign tasks, prioritize data, and keep essential details in the center
  • Identify bottlenecks and take rapid action to stay on pace.
  • Create visual plans to visualize how each phase of the project unfolds over time, establish dependencies, identify barriers, and stay ahead of deadlines
  • It lets you split the single task into smaller components to assist your team members in understanding it better
  • You can create a field for dates, currencies, numbers, or anything relevant to your projects and processes.
  • Maintain precise time records for your team. You can add timesheets, set time estimates, track time manually or with timers, and generate time reports all in one place.
  • Allow teams and clients to use request forms to simply request work, support queries, or even issues.
  • Work classification can be simplified by using different labels
  • To track and discuss progress with your team, use milestones to mark checkpoints, modifications, or phases of development in your projects


  • Personal- This plan provides some basic functionality to users with limited needs who want to use ProofHub for personal projects.
  • ProofHub Essential is $540 per year or $50 per month.  You can have as many people on the account as you want. You get 15GB of storage space and can handle up to 40 projects
  • ProofHub Ultimate Control costs $150 monthly or $1,620 annually. You receive 100GB of storage and can manage an unlimited number of projects. Everything in the Essential plan is included in the Ultimate Control plan, as well as project and resource reports

10. Workzone


Workzone is a great pick if you are not used to the process-centric nature of Microsoft Project and have a more creative bent. It is designed for teams that need to get more done and manage their projects more effectively. You can work more efficiently and with less annoyance.

Workzone, as an alternative to MS Project, provides robust features designed for use by the entire team, including people with minimal project management knowledge.

Based on user ratings, Workzone presents five customer services. Workzone, on the other hand, offers a tried-and-true strategy that includes full onboarding and unlimited help.

Key Features

  • The project dashboard offers a portfolio view of all team projects, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page. Something that Microsoft Project cannot do.
  • Customized to-do lists keep team members focused (and can be automatically emailed each day)
  • Unlimited support and comprehensive onboarding to guarantee your employees are up and running quickly.
  • Project documents should be related, exchanged, and saved.
  • Make your own project intake and reporting forms.
  • Tracking projects visually using an interactive Gantt chart and calendar
  • Set access permissions for each project and document them so that everyone stays on track


  • Team- $24/user per month* Includes everything for teams of five or more people. It contains 100GB of storage, Advanced Reporting with 99.999% Uptime, File Share, and Gantt Charts
  • Professional- $34/month for a highly professional team. This is a popular alternative. The professional plan includes 150GB of Storage, API Access, and Advanced Reporting with 99.999% Uptime
  • Enterprise-$43/user per month* Endless customization for when you need everything. It has  Public Access forms, Resource Management Review, and task Requirements for Single Sign-On (SSO)

11. GanttPRO

GanttPRO review, GanttPRO Gantt Chart Software, GanttPRO pricing, GanttPRO tutorial, ProductivityLand, Productivity Land

GanttPRO is a robust project management tool that uses Gantt charts. The platform includes task management, progress tracking, resource and time management, team collaboration, portfolio management, and other project management functions. According to its reviews, many GanttPRO users consider the application to be the best Microsoft Project alternative.

Key Features

  • Create visually appealing Gantt charts to gain a better understanding of your project’s tasks, dates, deadlines, dependencies, and assignees
  • Set the categories, priority, cost, duration, estimate, time log, progress, and other information that tasks require
  • With the Auto scheduling feature, you can keep track of any changes that occur to dependent tasks in your project
  • To establish an easy-to-follow structure, divide your project into groups of tasks with subtasks and dependencies
  • Get the cost of your project computed based on the cost of activities and resources. GanttPRO provides a clear image in a few seconds
  • Identify which actions have a direct impact on the completion date of your project without having to calculate it


  • Basic- $7.99. This plan is ideal for small teams seeking basic project management and task visualization. It is priced yearly and offers essential project management tools
  • Pro-$12.99. This plan is appropriate for teams who want to improve cooperation and automate project planning. It is payable yearly and contains all of the Basic plan’s features and advanced planning capabilities.
  • Business-$19.99. This model is effective for teams and enterprises that demand large project portfolios and efficient resource workloads. It is paid yearly and includes all PRO plan features as well as some extras
  • Enterprise- For pricing, please contact GanttPRO

12. Teamwork Project

Teamwork home

Teamwork Projects is a world-class project management and productivity tool that helps you get organized and get things done. It allows you to create project tasks, assign them to staff, and track task accomplishment. The tool has been specifically built to promote collaboration and teamwork among team members.

Teamwork’s key features include task lists, time tracking, file submissions, and messaging. High-level security is its additional feature and accessibility to Web, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Key Features

  • Teamwork’s portfolio project management tool provides a clear perspective of your projects.
  • Manage your team’s resources efficiently, from long-term forecasting to day-to-day capacity planning, to guarantee that you deliver client work on time and on budget.
  • Automation can help you streamline tasks and free up time to focus on strategic and creative work.
  • Easily track all time spent on a project across multiple tasks and team members to gain a better understanding of where your team’s time is being spent
  • In teamwork, you can see the chronology of your project clearly depicted using a Gantt project planner
  • Get fast visual updates on where each item of work is at any given time, see who is doing what, and anticipate potential bottlenecks


After a 30-day free trial, Teamwork price tiers are as follows:

  • Forever Free: $0 (for 2 projects and up to 5 users)
  • Deliver: $10 per user per month billed yearly (or $12.50 per user per month billed monthly)
  • Grow costs $18 per user per month when invoiced annually (or $22.50 per user per month when billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: Contact teamwork directly for exact price details

13. Scoro

scoro home

It is a full business management platform for professionals and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate monotonous tasks. Job scheduling, invoicing, time tracking, and project management are among its primary qualities as a Microsoft alternative. In this cloud-based program, you can also create tasks, link them to clients, and assign different levels to users.

Scoro is advantageous if you want to maintain your CRM in sync with your project management tasks. They are especially useful for client work since they include time tracking, billing, quoting, and invoicing.

Key Features

  • Maintain transparency for client work time by tracking billable and non-billable hours
  • Evaluate current and future capacity, and make sure that everyone on your team is getting enough work
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team’s capabilities and utilize real-time data to make restructuring or hiring decisions
  • Track real-time progress, tasks, dependencies, events, and other information in one location.
  • Adapt quickly and evaluate the impact of changes, delays, or hours spent on your goals
  • You are kept updated by automatic notifications, deadline alarms, and live dashboards
  • Keep track of all your trades and opportunities in real-time while you maximize transaction velocity
  • Create customized bills from estimates, orders, or job reports, and rapidly convert documents into personalized PDFs


  • Essential- $26 per user each month
  • Standard $37 per user/month
  • Pro-$63 per user each month

14. Project Insight

project insight

Advanced insights at all phases of business are one aspect where Project Insight misses the mark of the competitors. This is where Project Insight can help. It is appropriate for any team or project size, whether you are starting with a few features or creating a centralized hub for your business.

It includes a simple, easy-to-use interface with many views of project progress and statuses. Project Insight additionally offers real-time reporting and a secure data exchange technique.

Key Features

  • Create, allocate, and route project requests for approval to save time and simplify your operations
  • Create and reuse an infinite number of project templates based on your organization’s current procedures and best practices to save time
  • Simple centralization and tracking of issues across all of your projects and activities. Create your own custom fields to meet the reporting requirements of your organization
  • Increase the visibility of your association’s ability and easily monitor and manage resource demands across several projects
  • Real-time tracking of labor, non-labor costs, and expenses at the task, phase, project, and portfolio levels allows for the successful planning
  • With the click of a button, you can convert emails from Outlook or Gmail into tasks or issues.
  • Select from hundreds of standard reports or rapidly create our reports to match the requirements of your executive team
  • Create custom fields for almost any object with virtually any type of input. You can easily report on your own fields
  • Customized dashboards allow team members to update tasks, projects, issues, approvals, or any other work assigned to them from a single spot


  • Free-For start-ups and small teams, and task management
  • ADD-ONS FOR $3-Growing Businesses, Special Needs
  • ENTERPRISE-Centrally Integrate Diverse Systems

15. Merlin Project

Merlin project

Merlin Project’s most current edition works great. It is a fantastic Mac alternative to Microsoft Project, and it looks quite similar, with many of the detailed project planning tools that many other alternatives neglect.

Key Features

  • You can add dependencies and limits to tasks and subtasks, individually add work and duration, allocate resources with the option to reduce the duration or increase work
  • Monitor how much work each resource has allocated, and add your own fields to each task, the field type that can be determined (e.g., checkbox, date, etc.)
  • Merlin Project now contains a Kanban board, resource pools, mind mapping, and even a separate app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store
  • Importing and exporting from Merlin is simple; import native MPP and export MS Project XML. However, you lose a lot of formatting, which is irritating.


  • Merlin project for MAC $16.99 -A yearly membership is also available for $169.99/year
  • Merlin Project for iPad costs $9.99, with an annual subscription costing $99.99
  • Merlin Project Express costs $4.99 per month, with an annual membership costing $49.99. Because of pricing changes, the subscription value for existing customers does not rise

16. Zoho Project

zoho projects

Zoho Projects is a Microsoft Project alternative that includes Kanban boards for task organization, a social feed for work updates, and forums for more extended conversations. It provides problem tracking and a Gantt chart view of the project.

It undoubtedly links teams to boost productivity and even includes a timesheet tool that allows managers to monitor how much time each team member spends on their work.

Key Features

  • It has an easy-to-use Gantt chart that can be navigated using simple drag-and-drop actions
  • It supports all four types of dependencies and includes a critical route and baseline to avoid any delays
  • Zoho Projects includes functions such as task management, time tracking, and resource use
  • Custom fields and ratings, task recurrence, reminders, and a Kanban display make task management simple
  • You can manage your time by dividing and assigning your available hours to each task
  • The resource utilization chart provides simple seesaws that depict the burden of your resources
  • You may collaborate with any of the project’s stakeholders through interactive feeds and forums, wiki pages, and built-in chat
  • Zoho offers a Marketplace with a selection of pre-built add-ons
  • Zoho Projects also features support engineers and live chat assistance to help with onboarding


  • FREE -Up to three users
  • ENTERPRISE $10 -No user limit
  •  PREMIUM $5 -Up to 50 users


So, that was a full review of the top 16 Microsoft Project Alternatives.

Even though these platforms are great for managing your projects, choose the one that best suits the needs of your business and helps you meet your company’s goals effectively. 

We wish you good luck!

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