Reasons for Pressure Regulator Failure


Each plumbing system has a specific pressure limit. Most of the home’s plumbing systems have a limit of 80 PSI. Water flowing at more than 80 PSI can cause serious problems to the home plumbing systems. Ultimately it can lead to leaks and can damage the whole plumbing system. But with the help of an electronically controlled pressure regulator, you can maintain a safe allowable water pressure. 

An electronic water pressure regulator not only makes it possible to control the pressure of the water but also reduces the consumption of the water. In this article, we will have a look at the reasons for pressure regulator failure.


An electric pressure regulator ensures the safe working of your water appliances by keeping the pressure and other process variables under control. As we know that all the device starts malfunctioning when they get old. Similarly, over time regulators start malfunctioning and fail to achieve the set value of pressure.

The presence of minerals in the water becomes the reason for the blockage. These minerals accumulate inside the body of the valve and do not let it operate accurately. It leads to low water pressure.

This issue can be easily resolved by performing the cleaning of the regulator but if you don’t have the expected results even after cleaning, then consider changing the electronically controlled pressure regulator. 

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Broken Components:

Over time the components of the pressure regulator become old and the strain that the water pressure put on them makes them weaker. It makes them less responsive and sometimes they get damaged. In simple words, the older a digital water pressure regulator gets the chances of its failure increase. Basically, the normal life span of a pressure regulator is between 7 to 12 years.

If you ever face a pressure increase at your home then it indicates something is wrong with the pressure regulator and you should immediately check it out to solve the issue as soon as possible before it causes a loss. If you are not reaching the issue then get the assistance of a professional and do the necessary repairs. If it’s expensive then replacing the electronically controlled pressure regulator will be a good option. 

Wrong Pressure Setting:

This is one of the most commonly faced issues. In most cases instead of getting the help of a professional people install their electronic regulator and do the pressure settings on their own. The people who are interacting first time with a regulator fail to do the correct pressure settings.

In the end, it resulted in the wrong outlet pressure and the user thought the electronic pressure regulator is broken that’s why it was not performing well. Doing the pressure settings require great focus and attention and the person who is doing the setting must have knowledge of the system requirement. 

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Final Words:

There are various factors that impact the performance of the electronically controlled pressure regulator but we have discussed a few of them so that you can easily identify and do the necessary actions to solve them. 

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