The 10 Best Business Management Software of 2023

Whether you own a small startup or already running multiple businesses, you’re always juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

For some businesses, it’s easy. For others, it proves to be quite challenging. That’s why it is important to make good use of business management software.

My list of the best business management software will improve the way your team works, interacts with clients, collaborates online, and more.

Although there are various categories that can be discussed here, I have cherry-picked the top 10 business management software for small businesses. I divided them into 5 primary categories which can take your business productivity to the next level.

Best CRM Software


Do you know that there is a better way to manage all your business challenges?

A way in which you can manage all your business challenges under one window.

Say hello to HubSpot. Your go-to CRM software to manage all your sales, marketing, and content in the best efficient way. With Hubspot, you don’t need to worry about business growth or missing any orders because everything will be right in front of you.

Sales and marketing are two crucial aspects of the business. With HubSpot, you can understand your target market, drive more sales, and close customers that will come back for more. It is more than just a tool – it is full-fleshed marketing and sales inbound software.

Key Features

  1. Free CRM tool
  2. Get full-access to HubSpot Marketing Blog
  3. Free Certifications
  4. Social Monitoring
  5. Content Strategy tool
  6. Landing page optimization


  1. HubSpot CRM – Free. content management, email integration, reporting features
  2. Marketing Hub:
    1. Free – free forever, forms, contact management, ad management, team email, live chat, reporting dashboards and more
    2. Starter – starting at $50 per month, custom branding, email marketing, list segmentation and more
    3. Professional – starting at $800 per month, SSL certificate, subdomains, landing pages and CTAs, social media, SEO and content strategy, A/B testing, phone support, and more
    4. Enterprise – starting at $3,200 per month, event reporting, SSO, predictive scoring, custom triggers, YouTube integration and more
  3. Sales Hub:
    1. Free – free forever, email integration, contact management, deals and tasks, team email, live chat, bots, calling, meeting scheduling and more
    2. Starter – starting at $50 per month, custom branding, conversation routing, sequencing, and more
    3. Professional – starting at $400 per month, workflow automation, up to 25 teams, required fields, Salesforce integration, custom reporting and more
    4. Enterprise – starting at $1,200 per month, call transcription, eSignature, recurring revenue tracking, SSO, quotes and approvals, predictive scoring and more
  4. Service Hub:
    1. Free – free forever, ticketing, custom fields, live chat and bots, templates, chat/email-to-ticket, canned responses, and more
    2. Starter – starting at $50 per month, custom branding, conversation routing, sequencing, and more
    3. Professional – starting at $400 per month, phone support, feedback management, knowledge base, video creation and hosting, custom reporting, Salesforce integration, and more
    4. Enterprise – starting at $1,200 per month, playbooks, SSO, Goals and more
  5. Growth Suite (full HubSpot suite)
    1. Starter – starting at $113 per month
    2. Professional – starting at $1,200 per month
    3. Enterprise – starting at 4,200 per month


No more missing the deadlines. Allow your projects to be in front of you every time. Watch out for projects which demand instant action.

Pipedrive is a CRM business management software to organize projects in a timeline. One of the best sales and business management software that will give you control over your teams.

When you view the projects, you’ll be able to take instant action without thinking any second thoughts. Manage all your sales and emails from Pipeline. A universally accepted system with workflows to grow your business.

Key Features

  1. Forecast sales and pick the right deals to close
  2. Get project notifications on your email, mobile, and desktop
  3. Manage everything with a pipeline
  4. The mobile app can help you work from anywhere, anytime
  5. Watch how your team is doing and make suggestions
  6. Drag-and-drop features make organization easier


  1. Silver – starting at $12.5 per user/month (billed annually), goal setting, access management, customizable dashboard, support via chat and email
  2. Gold – starting at $24.2 per user/month (billed annually), workflow automation, smart data collection, email scheduling, and product catalogs
  3. Platinum – starting at $49.1 per user/month (billed annually), Multiple dashboards, Revenue forecasting, smart team management, make separate teams for every project

Best Live Chat and Customer Support Software


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Engage, win, and resolve their problems and people will not only come back, but they will also share the amazing experiences with their friends. Intercom is a customer support software to manage sales, marketing, and deliver results.

Out of best business management apps, Intercom holds a strong position in the market. I am not just bragging, with Intercom customers are able to increase their sales to around 32%. A priceless tool that will assist your customers on every step of the sales funnel.

Key Features

  1. Real-time messaging service
  2. One page per user to get everything under one window
  3. Effortless customer engagement and support
  4. Personalized onboarding
  5. Easy search option
  6. Filter your users and segment them properly
  7. Group users together with tags


  1. Essential – starting at $136 per month, multiple conversation channels, custom messages for clients, third-party app integrations
  2. Pro – starting at $202 per month, customized workflow, advanced integrations with Zendesk, GitHub, and Salesforce
  3. Premium – custom pricing, custom bots to drive sales, reports via email, customer and prospect tracking
  4. Early-stage Startup – upon eligibility, starting at $49 per month, all of Intercom’s apps

Freshchat by Freshworks

At times it gets difficult to know why the customer left the website. It is these times that a smart tool or software can help. If you’re looking for the best small business management software your search is over.

Say hello to Freshchat.

You can engage, manage, and convert leads with this amazing management software. If you are with a short budget, the free business management software option will give you the option to engage smarter with customers.

Key Features

  1. Manage unlimited contacts
  2. Priority inbox gives you alerts on important messages
  3. Team widget will help you connect with your team
  4. A web messenger gives you ease with your chatting
  5. Business hours to help customers know when to contact
  6. Customized responses to customers
  7. Private notes to help you organize better


  1. Sprout – Free, 10 team members, multiple app integrations, notifications, and message on all channels
  2. Blossom – starting at $15 per member/month (billed annually), target messaging, file attachments, smart plugins, and assignment of rules
  3. Garden – starting at $24 per member/month (billed annually), unlimited target messaging, bots, in-app campaigns, smart reporting
  4. Estate – starting at $39 per member/month (billed annually), advanced dashboard, multilingual support, IP whitelisting, business hours management, co-browsing, and intelligent assignment

Best Recruiting Software


Finding the right employee is a tedious job. Corporations invest millions in finding the right-fit employee but still at times they fail to recognize the full potential of the employee. Manage everything of your employee online.

The applicant tracking, the time-off and everything that can make your employees more productive.

With BambooHR, employees can manage their activities. Managers can give custom permission to some employees. Easy integration helps BambooHR to export the data in other apps and analyze the performance of employee better.

Key Features

  1. A fully-centralized employee database system
  2. Storage of documents and management
  3. Tracking of employees
  4. signature gives you the ability to take digital signatures of employees
  5. Global capabilities make it easy to integrate with 3rd party tools
  6. Tracking time and attendance of each employee


  1. Essentials – contact sales for quote, HR management, reporting, standard access level, manage workflows, and get approvals on email alters
  2. Advantage – contact sales for quote, tailored workflows, custom access level, company branding, and tracking of employees


Are you having difficulty in managing your business? How about a tool that can make your life easy? A cloud-based tool that can help you manage your current employees and create new connections without any difficulty.

Firstly, Bullhorn is being used by more than 8,000 companies. A tool that aims to improve the recruitment process by managing everything through a single tool. Track the status of each candidate and get email alerts whenever something new happens.

Key Features

  1. Find the vacant job openings and apply
  2. Manage the workflows and track candidates
  3. Access the information from your mobile anywhere, anytime
  4. Store your data on the cloud
  5. Integrate with social media tools and other 3rd party software
  6. Keep track of the KPIs of your employees


  1. Team – candidate management, email integration, SMS texting, and standard reporting
  2. Corporate – unlimited data storage, API access, integration with LinkedIn, NPS survey tool
  3. Enterprise – advanced reporting, lead generation and tracking, pipeline management
  4. Enterprise Plus – advanced reporting and visualization

Best Invoicing and Billing Software


Monitor the workload and increase team productivity with Harvest. Track the time of your employees and see how you can utilize their time in other important things.

Trusted by more than 50,000 businesses, Harvest is a project management tool that will help all the project managers stay ahead of their project deadline without wasting any more budget.

No need to worry about those sleepless nights when you can generate your invoices in your sleep.

Key Features

  1. Forecast the completion of your project
  2. Keep track of the expenses of the project
  3. A seamless way to pay your employees, clients online
  4. Monitor the time spent by each employee
  5. Track the time required for each project
  6. Take the pulse of your business and manage everything in one window


  1. Free: Free forever, all of Harvest’s features, i.e. Time & Expense Tracking, Reporting, Unlimited Invoices & Estimates, Project Budget Alerts, Timesheet Approval, Integrations with 100+ Apps, Phone & Email Support
  2. Solo: $10.8 per month (billed annually), all of Harvest’s features
  3. Team: $10.8 per user/month (billed annually), all of Harvest’s features


Never again you need to worry about accounts and sales of your company. Just start using Xero and let your pain convert into pleasure. It’s impossible to manage all your accounts without a professional accountant, but not anymore.

Connect the accountants and bookkeepers with Xero. The best business management software will help you manage all your accounts under one tool. A hassle-free way to manage all your sales and give away all your worries.

Key Features

  1. Keep track of your suppliers and clients
  2. Unlimited email support
  3. Attach documents with your financial reports
  4. An easy-to-use dashboard to keep you updated
  5. Keep track of all the expenses of your company
  6. Manage the inventory of all your finances


  1. Early– starting at $9 per month, 5 invoices and bills, 20 bank transactions, payroll management for one person
  2. Growing – starting at $30 per month, unlimited invoices and bills, unlimited bank transactions, payroll management for 2 persons
  3. Established – starting at $60 per month, unlimited invoices and bills, unlimited bank transactions, payroll management for 5 persons, automated superannuation, multiple currencies

Best Business Accounting Software

Quickbooks by Intuit

When did you need to give the taxes? When is the next payment of your biggest client? If you’re struggling with these questions, now is the time to solve them without wasting much of your valuable time.

With Quickbooks, whether your small startup or a medium-size business you can forget all your accounting worries and let Quickbooks handle all your finances in an organized manner.


  1. Self-Employed – starting at $5/month (3-month retainer), track invoices, run basic reports, track miles
  2. Simple Start – starting at $10/month (3-month retainer), income and expense tracking, accept payment and create invoices, make basic reports, send estimates, track sales
  3. Essentials – starting at $17/month (3-month retainer), bill management, time tracking, manage multiple users
  4. Plus – starting at $30/month (3-month retainer), manage up to 5 users, track projects, inventory and manage 1,000+ contractors
  5. Advanced – starting at $60/month (3-month retainer), smart reporting powered by Fathom, create batch invoices, custom user permissions


It’s extremely difficult for small businesses or even medium-sized businesses to keep track of all their expenses and invoices. But what if you manage all business invoices and keep track of expenses with business software that can organize all your expenses and manage them smartly?

With Freshbooks, you can manage, track, and automate financial affairs and give your brain a break. The tool can help you with your payrolls, project finance management, overall company finances and pay all your taxes before they get due.

Key Features

  1. Automatic detect late fee and send the invoice
  2. Accept your payment with credit cards
  3. Customize your invoices for every customer
  4. Bill in more than one currency
  5. Generate invoices in more than one language
  6. Calculate your taxes and pay them before it gets late
  7. Eliminate duplicate invoices and pay what is necessary


  1. Lite – starting at $13.5 per month (billed annually), unlimited invoices, keep track of time and expenses, accept credit card online, import bank account details
  2. Plus – starting at $22.5 per month (billed annually), automatically send payments, charge late fees or overdue invoices, send proposals, integrated accounts
  3. Premium – starting at $45 per month (billed annually), adjust general ledger, schedule recurring invoices, double-entry accounting reports, and tools.

Other Categories

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  1. Nice article to read. There can be more software in this list. that will make list even transparent. by the way good stuff

  2. Thanks so much the list! I also suggest you to try elapseit, as it is a great time tracking tool (which includes invoicing) and it is very user friendly 🙂

  3. According to me, SAP Business One is one of the best Business management ERP software for Small and Medium enterprises.

  4. As soon as it comes to any structures or official organizations, these concepts begin to take on quite a tangible meaning. For example, if a product or service is delivered to a large number of users, then the absence of even a simple CRM (perhaps even assembled from various unrelated applications) can negatively affect not only the possible expansion, but also current affairs. How much time do you think it will take to monthly manual compilation of, for example, 100 acts of payment? And how much to support the same customers without having at least some centralized way?

    If medium and large enterprises are more interested not so much in the systems themselves, but in the competent and fast construction of their business processes and subsequent successful implementation. Then small organizations have enough of their own strength to build their business model, even in an implicit form, as well as opportunities for rapid implementation. It should also be taken into account that the failed implementation of any system in a small enterprise is much easier to tolerate and has less impact on the core business than in medium and large ones. In this case, we are talking not only about financial losses. I would recommend to use

  5. I highly recommend trying Fluix. My personal fav is a procurement automation feature – all documents and approvals in one place is a great practice.

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