How to Make a YouTube Video? 18 Tips for Beginners

how to make a youtube video

You are here; that means you want to go from watching a YouTube video to making one. But do you know how to make a YouTube video?

Don’t answer that. Regardless of what you know, this guide is a must-read for anyone who wants to be the real deal on YouTube.

Why YouTube?

Before getting to the point of how to make YouTube video, let’s see why you should make a YouTube video.

In a nutshell, if done right, it is everything a man wants; money, fame, and doing what you love!

Therefore, if the thought of how to make YouTube video crossed your mind just because you like the idea of it, edify yourself on what you can achieve!

2nd on Alexa rank, $15B revenue in 2019, sold for $1.6B just after a year of introduction, and a HUGE user base are some of the reasons which should convert the ‘why YouTube’ to ‘Hi YouTube.’

And did I mention it is the second-largest search engine in the world?

How can YOU make it big on YouTube?

How do I make a YouTube video? How to make a gif from YouTube video? How to go ‘viral’ in this age of social media?

Check out this video to take a brief start to your YouTube journey:

 Source: Think Media

You can’t blame people for having these questions on their minds. We live in a world where anyone can get famous using social media.

It takes some time and doing on your part, but it will be worth it.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to make a YouTube video, there are 18 tips for you to create a quality and engaging content for your potential audiences:

1. Make a YouTube Video Strategy First

video strategy - youtube video

It is vital to choose the right topic and idea for your YouTube video. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to be an excellent creator. You just have to be smart.

Next, if you are unable to provide value in a YouTube video, then it is useless to be funny, smart, or charismatic.

Understand your audience, focus on them, and devise a strategy that will allow your video to reach larger audiences.

These are the top video hosting sites: 

The 9 Best Video Hosting Sites of 2020

2. Viral YouTube Ideas

viral youtube ideas

Knowing your audience is as important as finding the right and appropriate topic, which tends to go viral.

Generating the right kind of ideas is an art. There are different ways suggested by which you can find out the right topic for your YouTube video. For instance, a YouTube search is one way to find what people are looking for.

Open YouTube and find videos related to the topic of your choice. YouTube has a ‘trending’ option in the left bar that will let you know what’s hot right now.

Always choose ideas and topics in which you are interested and passionate. Always.

Also, the comments sections of videos and articles are a great resource for finding topics for YouTube videos.

The communities and groups on Twitter and Facebook can also provide important insights into are current topics in which audiences are interested.

3. Location and Environment

youtube video location and environment

The location in which the video is going to be recorded must be clean and noise-free. It should give a pleasing effect to the viewer’s eye and keep them hooked to the screen.

Spend time to decide on a video background by exploring different options and ideas. The lighting of the video must be set in the right way. Now, you don’t have to be an expert to tell whether the lightning is good enough for the video or not.

If you are recording outdoor, make sure you have enough required equipment to deal with the challenges of noise outdoors and different lighting issues.

4. YouTube Video Aesthetics

YouTube Video Aesthetics

This point summarizes all the points which can impact the quality of video and makes it pleasant for the viewer, providing them with a great experience.

Use of animations, transitions, and background in such a way that it catches audiences’ eye and force them to see the whole thing.

The sound of the video must be clear for both speakers and headphones. These are the little things that can create value for your content.

Take notes!

5. Script and Storyboard

script and storyboard for youtube video

Everyone loves a story.

You must take some time to create a script and storyboard to make sure you are focused while creating a video and showing the content you want to show.

Begin with writing the script so that it includes dialogues that are supposed to go on-camera, and actors will say them.

Keep it simple by keeping your sentences short as viewers are not going to read or listen to it again in video content by rewinding it.

Going one step forward is by creating a storyboard. Storyboard provides with an overview of your video in a comic book style.

It shows how various shots and visuals come together to show and tell a particular story. Cool, right?

6. Content Quality

youtube video content quality

At the end of the day, it’s your content that is behind the success of failure of a YouTube video.

If you are doing all things right, but your content is not of good quality i.e. it does not offer practical value to the viewers, then all the efforts you put in aesthetics, research, recording, editing, and uploading can go in vain.

The content must provide viewers with quality information. Use statistics and facts to strengthen your point of view.

7. Research

youtube video research

Research is exigent. Imagine coming up with an awesome video but stating something inaccurate on it. It’s a complete deal-breaker.

Being a YouTuber, you must be able to perform proper research and know what your competitor is doing in a fast-paced content-making market. Use their strategies as inspiration and create competent content.

Find the gaps and deficiencies in the content of competitors and fill those gaps by providing information to the audiences by your video content.

A better way to research competitors is by listing down their names, then finding out which of their videos have done well and how audiences are engaging and then strategies your content for the audience accordingly.

8. Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research on YouTube is a Search Engine Optimization tactic that can be used to find out the best search terms that can be added to your video content.

It is another aspect where you can use keywords that are mostly searched by the audience. It allows your video to be easily found when the search words match your videos’ keywords perfectly.

Just by adding intentional, researched search terms to the video title and description can remarkably increase and improve the video’s viewership.

9. Make the video easy-to-find on YouTube

video search

Now that you have made your masterpiece, the next thing is to make the video available on YouTube by uploading it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) must be considered for this purpose for your newly created video. You should ensure relevant content as it should be good for the users and good for the search engine.

Your YouTube video must have content that helps to answer the questions asked by your potential audiences.

To understand it, a little research is required, like what questions are mostly asked and where they are asked, then create the right content and post it where it will be available for a larger number of audiences.


The 10 Best SEO Tools Used by SEO Gurus in 2022 (Free & Paid)

10. Equipment Understanding for Beginners

video Equipment Understanding for Beginners

When there is no appropriate equipment available in any field of work, and same is the case of making YouTube videos.

It is vital and fun to have high-end equipment due to better equipment to produce a better-quality video.

It should also be kept in mind that if the equipment is highly specialized, it requires considerable time and training to master it.

Being a beginner starts with the equipment you know the best, and after that, increase the range of equipment you want to use based on your knowledge and command on that equipment.

While making a YouTube video, you must have a good microphone, screen recorder, and video editor, appropriate lighting, and, most importantly, a quality video producing camera.

11. Your First YouTube Video

The first impression is the last impression folks! Make sure the content is worth the time of the audience.

The most important question that comes in the mind of a beginner when he or she decides to make a YouTube video is what his or her video should look like and about what topic it should be.

The answer to the question is that the beginner must start with an instructional video. The different researches have found that around 53% of people watch two or more instructional videos per week.

To get started, a straightforward tutorial or how-to-video is an excellent way.

12. The Recording Part

youtube video recording

No matter how cam-friendly you are, it can be difficult to focus while recording a video. It is better to have some script in front of you, which can be a tool to help you stay focused.

Then plan out the shots, angles, and graphic visuals that can go along with the narration. Avoid clutter when recording your video as it can cause distractions.

The environment in which video is being recorded must be clean and presentable. Make sure you are not recording in a noisy area, and your camera is positioned correctly.

The way you are presenting yourself in your video will impact the audience, and it depends on the presentation to keep the audience engaged for a longer time.

13. Editing Video Creatively

Editing video is the most exciting and time-consuming task, and creative video editing can lead to highly anticipated and quality YouTube videos.

Usually, it happens that little extra is recorded at the beginning and the end, and also, there are few mistakes as well while recording.

Editing the video gives you the option of deleting extra material as well as allows to trim mistaken part in the video.

Also, trimming can reduce the time of the video, which seems to drag and cause inconvenience to the audience. Using a fantastic video editor, text can be added along with pleasant animations, annotations, and transition effects.

The primary editing tips are that always add a simple introduction. Add music that is pleasant to ears and grabs the attention of the listener.

Also check this out:

Best Camtasia Alternatives for Recording and Video Editing Solutions

14. Optimizing

optimizing youtube video

Even amazingly shot videos featuring strong content fail to make a mark. Why? They are not optimized for YouTube.

If you want your video to perform well on YouTube, you need to focus on a few key areas. Being strategic when you are creating your video can increase the chances of performing well.

The videos with the title, which is searched more, are more likely to get more viewers. Also, longer videos are usually ranked higher than the shorter ones. Surprised?

YouTube pushes those videos up in the ranking, which provides value and keeps people engaged for a long time.

YouTube also transcribes the content in your video, so always try to add and say the main keywords 1-2 times in the script. Get the keyword in title, description, and thumbnail to grab the attention of a potential audience.

15. Uploading Video on YouTube

how to upload youtube video

You are almost there!

Uploading videos on YouTube is not a difficult task. Many video editing software allows you to upload your video on YouTube directly.

Apart from that, if you have a video in your device, you can simply go on YouTube, log in to your channel, press the upload button, and select your video in the destination file to start uploading.

Publish your video on your YouTube channel after your video is uploaded.

16. Let the Marketer Inside You Take Over!

In today’s market, this is perhaps the most significant task for content creators.

After publishing your video on YouTube, your job is not yet finished. It is a fact; the more you promote your stuff, the better it will perform.

The video can be shared in groups and communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Also, the video can be posted on any website and can further be sent and shared through email. This data can help you to strategize and create content accordingly while moving forward.

17. YouTube Analytics

youtube video analytics - how to make a youtube video

Last but not the least, you should NOT ignore analytics.

Keep your eye on them after you have done all the hard work as it gives you all the insights about the views, likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions.

YouTube has classy and sophisticated built-in analytics that makes it easy for the content maker to see and analyze how the uploaded video is performing.

It allows us to track all the key indicators related to the performance of the video. It helps track total views, audience retention, watch time, viewer age, traffic source, etc.

18. Collaborate to innovate

It’s a concept that has been used by big names in the entertainment industry to make better products. Take the Avengers for example; two superheroes are better than one, right? That is why its recent movie has gone on to become the highest-grossing movie – ever.

Similarly, you should collaborate with other people to make better videos. These ‘other people’ can be anyone from an editor, an influencer, a vlogger, etc. The idea behind it is to bring in more views.

If you know how to make YouTube videos using your phone, you can shoot better videos. Here’s why I say this:

  • It’s convenient
  • Easier to shoot
  • Easier to edit
  • You can use several apps which contain a range of filters for the video shooting
  • Easily shareable

Furthermore, if really want to know how to make YouTube video and become famous or just get your message out to the world, you ought to have a YouTube video maker. Go on the play store, you will find plenty of good apps for that.

When you bring in someone else on your video project, the doors to innovation open.

Start shooting!

Remember, keep the audience hooked until the very end. Just like this article kept you.

It is one of the easiest (and easy on the pocket) way of becoming famous. If you think you have some interesting content, get yourself on YouTube ASAP!

The number of ‘YouTubers’ has risen since the worldwide lockdown was initiated a few months ago. Being a popular YouTuber does not only guarantee popularity and recognition, but it can also become your source income.

So, get those cams out and let your creativity flow! Good luck.

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